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No. But for precaution keep it away from damp walls and humid atmosphere.

To keep wood’s natural beauty intact, we don’t apply any coating on it.

No, the wood is treated before framing.

Just cleaning it from outside will do. Also, avoid putting them in direct bright light.

No they don’t. We used a special adhesive that has been tested in the lab for its strength and durability.

Yes we have tested at various atmospheric conditions, from – humidity, heat to cold.


We can if there’s a sizeable quantity. Here we mean, more than 100 pieces, and the development charges will be applicable.

Yes, only if the quantity is above 100 pieces. Development charges will be as applicable.

Yes. Branding is possible. Extra charges will be applicable for branding on the front side. Branding at the back is provided with a sticker that is free if the order is for more than 10 pieces.


For the first piece it takes many days or even months to create, depending on the size and complexity of the artwork.

Outer frames are made in polystyrene with wood finish lamination.

We work with many types of wood. We use it as per the requirements of the artwork.

From various parts of India and some from abroad as well.

No we don’t. All the colours that you see in the picture are all natural wood colours.


We can deliver the product within 7 days.

We have both. But table tops are available in 5x6 inch and 8x8 inch only.

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