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How is it made?

Woodcraft is an innovative form of art that combines the creative strains of a work of art with the intricacy of wood carving. This involves using wood pieces in their natural colours and textures, delicately cutting with laser beam and creating the best composition and presenting it in the required theme. The result is a masterpiece that is interesting too, owing to its '3D within 2D' illusory effect.

Concept and Drawing

Each theme is first visualized through numerous imaginative sketches.

Each theme captures the minutest details with finesse to bring out the true potential of a concept.



These pictures are carefully scanned and redrawn on the computer. It is then separated very skilfully by visualizing how the colours, texture, and thickness of the wood can be used in the picture.


Laser Art

Each piece of wood is cut and carved separately adjusting the speed & power of laser beam as per the properties and the thickness of the wood.


Making Artwork

Laser cut wood pieces of various shapes, sizes, colours, thickness look almost like a jigsaw puzzle. Placing them at the suitable places to make desirable image is a work of art. To paste these pieces, Srujan Art has produced special adhesives that have been lab tested for strength & suitability across seasons. Working on such minute details and intricacies over the years has resulted in Srujan Art forming a team of some of the best artisans.

At each level of its making, 'poetry amongst the woods' are individualized creations - never 'productions'. Because NO two woods are alike. A careful, personal attention is needed for each of these creations at every stage.


Frame Making

Artwork of the highest quality deserves the same frame. In order to maintain this quality, Srujan Art has its own frame making unit. We use high-quality mouldings, mats, and glasses.



The packaging has been designed in a way that eliminates the need to wrap separate gift paper on these boxes. The packaging of our artwork receives many compliments and admiration.


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